jiimoo LoRa LPWAN Node

Introducing JiiMoo LoRaWAN node

Long-Range, Low-Power,










Long-Range Low-Power Wide-Area Network
  • Built-in RS485 Modbus Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Master.
  • Support 12V and 5V output.
  • 12V DC fans tachometer and control via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • 2x Digital Output relay control up to 230V 15A.
  • 2x Digital Input.
  • Analog Input for NTC10K Temperature sensor.
  • Internal temperature and impact detection.
  • Bundled with +Edge lite application.
Advanced Encryption Standard

Optional hardware encryption and dynamic keys to secure communication.

PlusEdge – The Centralised I/O management platform

The VM based platform – PlusEdge is specifically designed to collect IoT data and to control interconnected edge devices via JiiMoo with supported LoRaWAN gateway, LeOne AC controller, and also the smart multi-service gateway such as CloudView Pro.


  • Dashboard Preferences
  • Edge Device Management
  • Schedule Automation
  • Interconnected Settings
  • Group Management
  • Notification Alert
  • Event Logs
  • Remote Control
Jiimoo plus-edge application

Technical Specifications

JiiMoo LoRaWAN – Technical Specifications – Download PDF